About my Person

Since 1979 I have experiences in software development and teaching. I have been involved in development projects for government and also research projects in collaboration with industry.

I have a degree in computer science from the Technical University of Berlin and received the PhD on the dynamic integration testing of modular systems from the University of Bremen. I also worked as Research Assistant and as Associate Professor at the University of Bremen.

I am now working as professor at the Hochschule Bremen (University of Applied Sciences) in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science where I am responsible for software engineering, especially quality assurance, and programming.
  I am founder member and honorary member of the German Testing Board e. V. and was founder and chair of the German Special Interest Group in Software Testing (SIGIST, »Test, Analyse und Verifikation von Software«, 1990-2003). I was member of the chairmanship of the Special Interest Group in Software Engineering of the German Informatics Society (GI - Gesellschaft für Informatik, 1997-2003)

In 2007 I was appointed as »Fellow of the German Informatics Society« (GI-Fellow).

I am author of English and German books and publications, and speaker at many national and international conferences. For detailed information have a look to the other pages.

I want to say thanks to my son (born 1992), who designed and realized the layout of these pages (spring 2009). Thank you, Julian! .