The W-model is a process model for the software development. It is based on the wide-spread V-model. With the W-model the test activities are accomplished parallel to other development activities (requirement definition, functional and technical system design, component specification). Test activities begin at project start and dependences and cycles between »test - debugging - correction - re-test« become clear in the W-model.

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Research topics within the range verification and validation of software systems are the test of object-oriented software systems as well as the systematic execution of integration tests.

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  Teaching and Education

An internationally recognized three level training curriculum with defined instructional contents was compiled in co-operation with many international specialists in the range of the quality assurance with the emphasis examining and testing and in practice and in the training is used.



For a long time bases of test and test procedures are well-known, however their application leaves to be desired in practice. The project is to contribute the knowledge and also to be prepared for future developments.

Further Research Topics